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Feed your second brain

How many times have you read a super interesting book, full of fascinating insights and facts, and then, years later, you are lucky if you remember even 1% of what you read?

I don't know about you, but this makes me angry. I think it's a waste of life, a squandering of potential. Instead of having all of the facts you've ever learned resident in your working memory, ready to make new mind-blowing connections all over the place, you have to settle with being unsurprised most of the time.

The human condition sucks. We don't yet know how to make our own brains awesome, but maybe we can make an auxiliary second-brain-like assistant that can help.

dex told me about this sweet note-taking service called Roam, which is dedicated to enabling second-brain kind of stuff in the spirit of Zettelkasten. I've been using it for a few days now and I'm stoked.

I don't have any mind-blowing insights to share yet as I'm still booting my second brain with facts. But I do feel, at least, a change in behavior. I want to attack my reading list, in pursuit of interesting food for my second brain.

Currently open books on my reading list that I'm fascination-mining are Seeing like a State and The Hungry Brain

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