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Hey fellow vegans! I made you a smugness app!

It’s called Cowculator!

You punch in the date you went vegan and it will give you up to the nanosecond stats like how many tons of Co2, acres of rainforest, etc. you’ve saved.

It’s completely free, no ads even. Get the Android version at the Play Store version at the Play Store. It’s an official port of the iPhone version.

Check out the rave reviews!

This is a very good app for those days when you doubt what impact you’re having, or just want to show others what impact you have made by going vegan. Some parts are a little obtuse - like I was having a hard time understand what “saving grain” really means. And I have to click the cowspiracy link and search the web page for “Grain” to finally understand what impact that really can have. Right now when you click on a section it shows other numbers to help visualize the impact (like 42,839 lbs of grain is 182 Arnold Swarzeneggers) but it would help if each section also had it’s own expanded information with quotes and sources rather than one overwhelming page at the end with everything.

Impress your friends at parties!

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