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NYT threatens to out Slate Star Codex author

This is such terrible news. As seen on Slate Star Codex: NYT is Threatening my Safety by Revealing my Real Name so I am deleting the blog.

I'm posting this mainly as a signal boost, and also to express sadness that if you want to publish ideas that are not clearly on the right side of history, you can't do it without risking your job and/or risking your personal safety. Free speech is for rich people or for people who are advancing an approved narrative.

Even if you're extremely polite, and a genuinely wonderful person, and do a lot of high-effort research and carefully weigh all of the facts and evidence presented, which SSC (and a big proportion of its related communities) bend over backwards to do, your platform's days on the internet are numbered.

UPDATE: happy to report Slate Star Codex has returned! Here at Astral Codex Ten! He merely had to abandon his current medical practice and become dependent on his writing to support him in the face of de-anonymization. Maybe it will turn out for the best.

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